Awareness Training Sessions

Sessions require a basic understanding of one's unconscious
patterning and a willingness to experiment with the reality. 

30 Minutes: $175
50 Minutes: $275
60 Minutes: $325 (2 people)
15 Minutes: $100
(In person or via phone) 

New York
30 Minutes $250
60 Minutes $350
60 Minutes: $400 (2 people)
(In person only) 

[Awareness Training Sessions are created into year long programs and are paired with Awareness Kinesiology Program to enhance learning and movement forward.]

Sessions for Business Development

Sessions are related to creative work and business. Requires ability to risk and experiment with care and a larger vision of the alignment to purpose in this lifetime.

30 Minutes: $250
60 Minutes: $400
60 Minutes: $500 (2 people)
(In person or via phone)

Recording Sessions: We recommend that you record your session. Tape-A-Call is a free app that works well for sessions.