Courses and Experiences with Apollonia

Apollonia offers many different courses - all are the offering of living a Spirit-guided life.  In the end, the deep sense of meaning and fulfillment we seek comes through the heart, the perception of the reality as the soul's adventure, and the understanding of our limitlessness and connectedness that is the truth of our beings. 

Apollonia works with each being to open the right-brain, to sit deeply in acceptance with "what is" in the experience of life to dissolve (even for a moment) the "survival" that recreates a conditioned life. All for the purpose of opening beyond the pre-programed reactions, to larger perception of a soul on mission.  The care and the understanding is the bridge to seeing deeper truth - to release the "loyalty" to the past (in honor and respect), as a new path opens to creativity and fulfillment as soul expression.  What we are offering is an original life.

Simply being in her presence will bring forward a both a deeper sense of self, connected and expansive, as well as what there is to see about the conditioned self and its limitations in perception.  The cultural, pre-programmed life does not develop the genius within us, nor the greatness of heart needed to evolve human life.  We wish for all beings... do not look back at the end of the life, knowing there was more to give.  

All courses with Apollonia simply seek to detox the mind, body and therefore the perception - to give more space and understanding so that the higher energies of Spirit can be embodied.  The "cultural personality" (the convergent thinking and neuro-pathways) are toxic to the relaxed expansion of a heart-centered being.  Imagination and creativity are key to opening the heart.  The creative genius of the child within can equalize, create, innovate, implement, and experiment with life for the benefit of all.

Course Offerings

The following courses are offered in Atlanta, GA and administered by the School of Humanity & Awareness (SoHA).

The Heart Course

The Acceptance Course

The Impermanence Course

Copper Creek Intensives


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